WOOD CARVING “WOOD SELECTION” The nature of the wood being carved limits the scope of the carver in that wood is anisotropic and not equally strong in all directions.  The direction in which wood is strongest is called the “Grain” (wood grain may be straight, interlocked, wavy, fiddleback, etc.).  For strength purposes it is always wiseContinue reading “WOOD CARVING”

Carving Caricature Busts

“Carving Caricature Busts” by W. “Pete” LeClair A Book Review “Carving Caricature Busts” is the latest of three excellent woodcarving books written by noted wood carver and instructor Pete LeClair.  Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. this 80 page paperback book containing over 350 color photographs takes the carver from start to finish with carving aContinue reading “Carving Caricature Busts”

Questions & Comments

Today we have a comment from garyscarving on:  The Woodcarving Academy  Gary writes: “Thanks for the information Bob and the chatting platform to help us all learn & grow! I have only been carving for a couple of months and enjoying every minute of it. I had an opportunity to talk with Blake landsford onContinue reading “Questions & Comments”