Halloween and the Jack-O-Lantern

Here’s a little Halloween treat this week that I think you will enjoy, and maybe learn something along the way.  Enjoy! The Story of Halloween Most people think of Halloween as a night of dress up in ghostly or funny costumes, to have parties, or to go “trick-or-treating” and never consider why or how muchContinue reading “Halloween and the Jack-O-Lantern”

Readers’ Comments

The response to my survey last week sparked some interesting comments and questions, and  I hope I will continue to hear from more of you.  Your comments and questions are what ignite stimulating conversations on various woodcarving topics from which we can all learn.  In fact, we have such a terrific response that today’s postContinue reading “Readers’ Comments”

Questions & Comments

Today we have a comment from garyscarving on:  The Woodcarving Academy  Gary writes: “Thanks for the information Bob and the chatting platform to help us all learn & grow! I have only been carving for a couple of months and enjoying every minute of it. I had an opportunity to talk with Blake landsford onContinue reading “Questions & Comments”

The Woodcarving Academy

The other day I spoke a little bit about online wood carving classes.  Well today I’d like to tell you about a terrific alternative to taking online classes…and that is, watching videos through the Woodcarving Academy. The Woodcarving Academy was established in 2020 as a result of the health concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading “The Woodcarving Academy”