A bit of a slow news day today.  Being that it’s Sunday I’m taking a little break.  We do have a couple of excellent emails to report, however, and a tip on buying from a wood carver that you’ll want to know about.  Next week we’re going to go into the Janka wood comparison ratings and hardness chart, and also begin some book reviews which I think you will all appreciate.  Have a happy Sunday!

Eagle Head Belt Buckle Carved by Bob Kozakiewicz

Bill sent in a response to my tutorial on “Carving a Moravian Star”.  Bill writes:

“Nice, short tutorial that looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanks so much!!”

Thanks, Bill!  I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

Gene Kucker sent in an email along with photos of some awesome Moravian stars he carved. Gene writes:

“Hey Bob,

Here are a few Moravian stars I did and was playing with some add on and such. Let me know whatcyou think.  I was thinking about doing a ball inside one of the bigger sized stars.  I really love the new blog and I’m a huge fan of your carvings.  Thank you for inspiring me and others and keeping carving alive.


Gene Kucker

Blacklick Ohio transplant from Matawan NJ”

Moravian Stars Carved by Gene Kucker
Detailed Moravian Stars Carved by Gene Kucker

Thank you for your email and your photos, Gene!  Those stars are truly magnificent!  Very clean cuts and the detail is remarkable. I encourage you to keep pushing the envelope on what you can do with them…borders, balls inside, etc.  And just think…we were practically neighbors once! Keep the pictures coming!

Buying From A Wood Carver

This is a matter I touched on about a week ago in response to a reader’s comment but I feel so strongly about it that I thought this particular point was worth publishing:

Let the chips fly!  Tell your friends about Wood Chip Chatter, and don’t forget to send in your questions and comments so we can keep Wood Chip Chatter Active and keep the conversations going!

And remember to email your photos to

Keep a sharp edge and keep on carvin’!

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