Carving Caricature Busts

“Carving Caricature Busts” by W. “Pete” LeClair A Book Review “Carving Caricature Busts” is the latest of three excellent woodcarving books written by noted wood carver and instructor Pete LeClair.  Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. this 80 page paperback book containing over 350 color photographs takes the carver from start to finish with carving aContinue reading “Carving Caricature Busts”

The Woodcarving Academy

The other day I spoke a little bit about online wood carving classes.  Well today I’d like to tell you about a terrific alternative to taking online classes…and that is, watching videos through the Woodcarving Academy. The Woodcarving Academy was established in 2020 as a result of the health concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading “The Woodcarving Academy”

Welcome to my blog!

Here is a simple but useful bandsaw repair tip! New 10″ Rikon Bandsaw How to adjust the blade alignment (tracking) on your Bandsaw The “tires” on bandsaw wheels can be critical for proper tracking. Have you changed them in recent years? There should be a slight crown to the tire which draws the blade towardContinue reading “Welcome to my blog!”