Carving Caricature Busts

“Carving Caricature Busts”

by W. “Pete” LeClair

A Book Review

Front Cover

Back Cover

Carving Caricature Busts” is the latest of three excellent woodcarving books written by noted wood carver and instructor Pete LeClair.  Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. this 80 page paperback book containing over 350 color photographs takes the carver from start to finish with carving a fun to carve caricature bust.  On the very first page Pete gives you a photo and list of all the tools he uses to complete the project.

Tools Used
Project Pattern

With 57 pages, each with 5-6 color go by photos just dedicated to carving the project Pete takes you from drawing the pattern on the block step by step all the way through to the finished carving.

Then there are 6 pages dedicated to painting and finishing, each page again filled with lots of color go by photos.

Finally, there is a gallery in the back of the book that shows 25 of Pete’s comical caricatures.  This gallery is  unique, though in that there is a pattern supplied with each of the carvings in the gallery.

Carving caricature busts is a great way to learn how to carve caricature faces and get into some of the detail of carving caricatures themselves.  Carving busts is nice because you don’t have to worry about carving detail into the entire body of a caricature.  Instead, you can focus on carving just the face and the torso.

“Carving Caricature Busts” is a well written and illustrated book which I highly recommend to any carver looking to learn about carving caricature faces with a little extra flare.


We recently got an email from Jakobo Santiago with some photos of a spectacular wood spirit he carved from an oak handle of an old shovel.  He estimates the shovel was about 30 years old.  I’m sure that old oak handle was hard as a rock to carver.  Terrific job Jakobo!           

Patsy wrote in and commented:

“I am enjoying your posts.  Thank you…”

You’re welcome, Patsy!  I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and I hope everyone else is too.

Phyllis Stone sent in an email with a suggestion for our Wood Carving Supplier list.  She mentioned: Hillcrest Carving in Lancaster, PA.

Thank you for your contribution, Phyllis!  I will make sure I get Hillcrest Carving on the list.

Janie Hall wrote in to say:  “Hi Bob.  I love the bottle stopper”

Thank you, Janie for your thoughtful words!  I greatly appreciate them!

Bill wrote in an email a few days ago in response to my tutorial on Carving A Moravian Star ornament and said:

“Nice, short tutorial that looks like a lot of fun!!!  Thanks so much!!”

Thanks for the kind words, Bill.  Good luck with carving your star and don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you have any question or need any help.

And finally, “Someone (unknown)” Sent in an email in response to my tutorial on Carving A Moravian Star ornament.  “Someone” writes:

“Thank you, this helps a lot and can’t wait to start carving this beautiful star.”

I‘m glad you found the tutorial helpful.  Good luck with carving your star and don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you need any help.

A big Thank You to everyone who wrote in today to send a photo or comment! They are much appreciated!

I hope you found today’s book review helpful.  I would love to hear from you to get your feedback as to what you thought and to know if you want to see more in the future.  Thanks!

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Keep a sharp edge and keep on carvin’!

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