Strops & Stropping

Strops & Stopping by Del Stubbs, Pinewood Forge Strops & Stropping A Strop for carving tools needs a very fine surface for accepting compound – yet is thin enough to not cause gross rounding of the micro bevel.  I go through lots of hides at my leather wholesaler before I choose the ones that haveContinue reading “Strops & Stropping”

Whittling The Old Sea Captain

“Whittling The Old Sea Captain and Crew” by Mike Shipley A Book Review “Whittling The Old Sea Captain and Crew” is a delightful wood carving book written by Mike Shipley.  Mike, who is a noted wood carver is also, and perhaps more well known as a knife maker.  His top notch OCCT line of knivesContinue reading “Whittling The Old Sea Captain”

The Scroll Saw

Today I thought we would learn a little something about Scroll Saws…not owning one it’s a topic I personally knew very little about until I did some research on them.  We have discussed scroll saws a bit here in past blogs and I’m sure there are many carvers out there who use them.  I’m hopingContinue reading “The Scroll Saw”