Carving Western Figures

Welcome back everyone!!!  I want to start off this week by saying I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year. Getting back into the groove after our holiday break I thought I would start off with a book review on one of my favorite old Harold Enlow books. CarvingContinue reading “Carving Western Figures”

Readers’ Comments

The response to my survey last week sparked some interesting comments and questions, and  I hope I will continue to hear from more of you.  Your comments and questions are what ignite stimulating conversations on various woodcarving topics from which we can all learn.  In fact, we have such a terrific response that today’s postContinue reading “Readers’ Comments”

Whittling The Old Sea Captain

“Whittling The Old Sea Captain and Crew” by Mike Shipley A Book Review “Whittling The Old Sea Captain and Crew” is a delightful wood carving book written by Mike Shipley.  Mike, who is a noted wood carver is also, and perhaps more well known as a knife maker.  His top notch OCCT line of knivesContinue reading “Whittling The Old Sea Captain”