A few days ago I wrote a piece about wooden spoons. Well today I’d like to talk a little about a very special type of wooden spoon, and that is the lovespoon. Here is some brief information about the origins and symbolism of lovespoons. A lovespoon is a wooden spoon decoratively carved that was traditionally presented as a romanticContinue reading “Lovespoons”

Shows & Events Update

Shows & Events Schedule Update The following shows have been added to the schedule of Coming Shows & Events I posted the other day.  Please make a note of these additions. ~~2021~~ August 5-7…Norwood, MO. 14th annual carving seminar with Ron Allison, Harold Enlow, Van Kelly, and Roger Stegall. Allison Kidder (304) 532-7450, AugustContinue reading “Shows & Events Update”

Wooden Spoons

The word spoon is derived from an ancient word meaning a chip of wood or horn carved from a larger piece.  Wooden spoons were easy to carve and thus inexpensive, making them common throughout history. Spoon History The Iron Age Celts (C. 250BC) of Britain used them and this is evidenced by an example of a smallContinue reading “Wooden Spoons”