Wood Properties of Butternut

Wood Properties of Butternut BUTTERNUT Juglans cinerea (Juglans – the classical name of the walnut, meaning the nut of Jupiter; cinerea – ash-colored, pertaining to the bark) The kernel of the nut is delicious and so rich and oily that the name OIL-NUT has sometimes been given to this tree. It grows from Quebec downContinue reading “Wood Properties of Butternut”

Human Face & Body Proportions, and the Rule of Three

When carving human figures knowledge of proper body proportions is essential, even if you are just carving a human face or bust.  This also holds true when carving caricatures.  In caricature carving, face and body proportions are often exaggerated or distorted but a basic knowledge of proper measurements is still important. This week I wantContinue reading “Human Face & Body Proportions, and the Rule of Three”