“2023 Woodcarving Shows & Events”

Remaining Woodcarving Shows & Events for 2023 The following is a list of the remaining woodcarving shows & events for 2023.  Get out and look for one near you! June 1-3 – Clayton, Indiana. Central Indiana Woodcarvers Roundup at Martha’s Orchard; 9-5 daily. $15 preregistered; $20 at the door. Bob Woodruff (317) 459-4454. June 2-4Continue reading ““2023 Woodcarving Shows & Events””

Wood Properties of Cottonwood

COTTONWOOD, EASTERN Populus deltoides (Populus – ancient Latin name; deltoides – triangular in reference to the leaf shape) This tree is known also by several other names, including ASPEN COTTONWOOD, CAROLINA POPLAR, RIVER POPLAR, WATER POPLAR, YELLOW COTTONWOOD. The tree grows to a height of 100 ft. or more, with a diameter from 5 toContinue reading “Wood Properties of Cottonwood”