Wood Hardness Ratings

The Janka hardwood rating test is a test that determines the hardness of a piece of wood (used mostly to determine the hardness of flooring planks).  Quite often the hardness of a piece of wood relates directly with its density.  Wood carvers, however, can use the Janka hardwood ratings to compare one type of carvingContinue reading “Wood Hardness Ratings”

Emails, Question & Comments

I‘ve recently received a few emails I’d like to share with you today: We have an email from Rick Boyer with a very interesting question that I have no answer for.  Hopefully some of our readers can answer Rick’s question.  Rick wrote:  “I have a question I know cotton Wood bark is carved. How aboutContinue reading “Emails, Question & Comments”

Wood Species (Softwoods)

Yesterday I listed the over 200 species of Hardwoods (angiosperms) found around the world.  Today I will list the approximately 50 Softwoods (coniferous) species. Below is the list of Softwood species: Softwoods (coniferous) Araucaria Hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) Monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana) Paraná pine (Araucaria angustifolia) Cedar (Cedrus) Celery-top pine (Phyllocladus aspleniifolius) Cypress (Chamaecyparis, Cupressus, Taxodium) Arizona cypress (Cupressus arizonica) Bald cypress, southernContinue reading “Wood Species (Softwoods)”


I apologize for not writing for the past couple of days.  My wife is very sick and is in the hospital so my mind and efforts have been elsewhere.  She will be in and out of the hospital for the next four weeks. Today I want to introduce you all to the many different speciesContinue reading “WOOD SPECIES”

Cleaning & Conditioning Paint Brushes

I tend to use somewhat more expensive brushes when I paint my carvings.  I just like the way they work.  But if you’re like me you go through paint brushes as fast as the water you wash them in.  Here are a few tips on washing your brushes and preserving them to get longer lifeContinue reading “Cleaning & Conditioning Paint Brushes”

Question & Comments

More on Upsweep Knives Today’s question comes from Richard who asks: “how is an upsweep knife used, and its purpose ? am sorry but new to carving here.”  Never be apologetic that you are new to carving, Richard.  We were all there once. Your question happens to be a very good one and one thatContinue reading “Question & Comments”

Questions & Comments

Today we have some interesting questions from readers about scroll saw issues and problems finding a good upsweep blade knife.  Hopefully some of our other knowledgeable readers can provide some input. 1. Phyllis is having a problem with her scroll saw and comments: “I’m having problems with my scroll blades coming off when I startContinue reading “Questions & Comments”

Shows & Events Update

Shows & Events Schedule Update The following shows have been added to the schedule of Coming Shows & Events I posted the other day.  Please make a note of these additions. ~~2021~~ August 5-7…Norwood, MO. 14th annual carving seminar with Ron Allison, Harold Enlow, Van Kelly, and Roger Stegall. Allison Kidder (304) 532-7450, missalliek12@gmail.com AugustContinue reading “Shows & Events Update”

Questions & Comments

We have a comment from Bill on: How Do I Know If My Knife Is Sharp? Bill writes: ” ‘Thanks so much, Bob! I am most grateful for your answer! I can tell a difference already. Best of luck with your new blog.” Thank you for your kind comments, Bill.  I’m glad I could help!Continue reading “Questions & Comments”