How to Make Dirt

Many times when you make a carving (particularly a small one) you want to put it into a diorama, or little scene with added accessories such as docks, fences, and other little carvings to go with it.  If your scene is going to be set on the ground you will probably want to use some kind of sand or dirt to make it look more realistic.  The tutorial below shows you how to make realistic looking dirt which will really add to your diorama’s authenticity.

How to Make Dirt

1.  Take a cup of coffee grounds, add 1/4 cup white fluffy beach sand.  Mix completely while it is dry.

2.  Mist spray very lightly, do not let it clump.  Fluff up the mix.

3.  Using a teaspoon, place the mix where you need on your carving.

4.  Next mist lightly to settle it down to get it ready for the glue mix.

5.  Mix 50/50 Elmer’s white glue and water.  Mix, do not shake, you do not want bubbles in it. 

6.  Take a few drops of burnt sienna acrylic paint and mix.  It should look like chocolate milk. 

7.  Take an eye dropper or pipette and drop the glue on the “new earth”, and make sure you do not allow it to get beyond the edge of your dirt.

8.  Let dry overnight.

The great thing is you can come back and add more dirt if needed and it will glue in place very well.  The coffee will stain the sand and you get a pretty good representation of the real thing.

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Carver’s Corner

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Since we don’t have any entries to the “Carver’s Corner” again this week I’m sharing some photos of a mule I carved about 50 years ago when I first started out in wood carving.  I hope you like it.

Photo Shop

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This week we have an entry to the “Photo Shop” from my good friend, Tony Harris, of a praying cowboy he recently carved.

That’s an exceptional job you did on that carving, Tony!  The detailed carving and coloring are spot on!  Great work, my friend!

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Contributions to “Carver’s Corner” and “Photo Shop” have wistfully slowed to a crawl.  I’m sure you all have some terrific carvings to share.  Photos of your carvings not only liven up the Blog’s appearance but they are a huge part of what makes Wood Chip Chatter interesting.

“Carver’s Corner” is a great place to get constructive critiques on your carvings so you can learn where to improve on your next ones.  “Photo Shop” is a great place to show off your work!

Your questions, comments and photos are what Wood Chip Chatter is all about.  They are all a vital part of what makes this Blog what it is.  Send them in to and let’s keep the wood chips flying!

Keep a sharp edge and keep on carvin’!

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  1. good infor on sand..i take and use saw dust..spread glue on the base thin and put saw dust on.pat down and let dry..brush off great


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