“2022 Woodcarving Shows & Events”

With the new year comes a new schedule of woodcarving shows and events.  Here are the shows currently scheduled for 2022:

“2022 Woodcarving Shows & Events”

February 2-5Ashland, Nebraska. Nebraska Carving Retreat  at Mahoney State Park. Three or four-day classes. Email Roger Nadrchal at Wood_chips@yahoo.com. Visit website: http://www.nebraskacarvingret reat.com.

February 5Sebring, Florida Highlands Woodcarvers’ Artistry  in Woodcarving at Sebring Recreation Club, 333 Pomegranate Ave. Hours: 10 to 3. Admission: $3. Call Charlie Portes (518) 744-3830 or Bob Seybolt (863) 471-6077. Or email Highlandswoodcarvers@gmail.com.

February 10-21Tampa, Florida. Woodcarving show/competiton at Florida State Fair. Brenda Gregory (813) 734-2810;  brenda.gregory@floridastat efair.com.

February 22-25North Port, Fla. Florida Woodcarvers Roundup at VFW Post #8203, 4860 Trott Cir.; 8:30 to 4:30. Multiple classes. Contact: Jim O’Dea (941) 697-2002; jeodea@aol.com. jeodea.wixsite.com/my-site-1

February 22 – March 5Anchorage, Alaska. Artistry in Wood  #18 at Midtown Mall. Email: Bnelsen68@gmail.com; call (907) 240-3840.

February 26-27Mesa, Arizona. 32nd Desert Woodcarving Show & Sale at Mesa Centennial Hall, 201 N. Center Street. Email Mark Mosher: outofthewoodsbymark@gmail.com.

March 5-6Cedar Rapids, Iowa . Cedar Valley Woodcarvers show/competition at National Czech and Slovak Museum, 1400 Inspiration Pl, SW. Hours: 10-4. Don Lund (319) 683-2864; klund@sharontc.net.cedarvalleywoodcarvers.com

March 1213Millersville, Pa. Lancaster County Woodcarvers Show and Wildlife Art Festival at   Millersville University Student Memorial Center, 101 Shenks Ln. 10am-6pm Sat., 10am-4pm Sun. $5 adm. Children under 15 (with adult), students (with ID), and veterans (with ID) free. Contact Bob Hershey (717) 951-5569, bzcarvn@ptd.net .

March 26-27Rochester, Minn. Rochester Woodcarvers 46th show at 4-H Building, Olmsted County 08 Aune Dr. SE; 10-4. Free admission. Call (507) 254-5445; email rochcar ve@gmail. com. www.rochesterwoodcarvers.com

March 26-27Mound, Minnesota . Snow Daze Carvin g at American Legion Post 398, 2333 Wilshire Boulevard. Email: mnCarvers@MinnesotaWoodCarvers.com.

April 1-3 – Charlotte, NC. 39th annual Showcase of Woodcarvings at Central Piedmont Community College. http://www.charlottewoodcarvers.com/showcase for details including a discount on hotel accommodations.

April  23Westby, Wisconsin. Carve In 6@ Bekkum Memorial Library, 206 N. Main St., 10am to 4pm. Free admission. Contact John Sutton (608) 634-4396, lbarnfarms@gmail.com; or  Bekkum Library (608) 634-4419.

May 7 – Inverness, FL. Nature Coast Carving Club of Citrus Co. show and sale. at 6298 E. Gospel Island Road, Admission $2, Open 9 am-3 pm. Email: naturecoastwcc@gmail.com

May 78 –  Mountain Home, Ark. North Arkansas Woodcarvers’ show/sale at Baxt er Count y Fairgrounds. Sat 10-5; Sun 10 -4. Free admission. Contact: Sandy (870) 431-8070; webmaster @northarkansaswoodcarvers.org. Visit website: http://www.northarkansaswoodcarvers.org.

May 78 –  Missoula, Mont. Montana State Woodcarvers show & sale (actual and virtual) at    Missoula County Fairgrounds. $4 admission. Sat: 9 -3 ; Sun: 11-5. Tom Collins (406) 529-0239;  tomcollins875@gmail.com.

May 21-22Sacramento, Calif. Capital Woodcarvers host 50th show at Scottish Rite Center, 6151H  St. Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4. Alison Cook (916) 485-7893; crystal53@hotmai l.com.

June 11-18Maquoketa, Iowa. The Affiliated Wood Carvers present 54th International Woodcarvers Congress at Jackson  County Fairgrounds. Website: woodcarverscongress.org.

July 9-15Creede, Colorado. Creede Woodcarvers Rendez vous. Register online at www.creedewoodcarvers.com.

July 17-21Honesdale, Pa. 20th Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup at Cherry Ridge Campsite. Free admission; cost for  materials. Robert Muller (570) 470-2736; rmuller@nep.net. Website: www.cherryridgecarvers.org.

July 24-30 –   Crete, Nebraska. Doane Woodcarving Experience at Doane University. Instruction, dorm accommodations, cafeteria meals. Contact Rohn Collins (402) 880-6721; email rohncollins@cox.net. Web: www.thedoaneexperience.com.

September 3-4Wheeling, West Virginia. 43rd annual Oglebay Woodcarvers Show in Pine Room at Oglebay Park. Free admission. Email clark@unimaxsystems.com; website www.oglebaywoodcarvers.com.

September 23-25Honesdale , Pa. 18th Fall Carve In at Cherry Ridge Campsite. No admission fee; cost for materials. Robert M uller (570) 470-2736; rmuller@nep.net. Website: www.cherryridgecarvers.org.

October 22-23Wayne, New Jersey. North Jersey Wood Carvers present 36th annual Woodcarving, Arts & Crafts Show at Wayne P.A.L. Call Jerry Cetrulo (973) 835-8555.

October 29-30 – East Berlin, PA. Conewago Carvers Woodcarving and Art Show and Sale at East Berlin Community Center. 9 am-4 pm Sat. & Sun. Contact: Doug Gabel, email: douglasjgabel@gmail.com or Kyle Gabel, email: kylemgagel@gmail.com.

Questions & Comments

I received a very nice comment from Will V. this regarding The Story of Jilly Gnomette who said:

“Love the story.  Very appropriate at this time.  Thank you for sharing.  Will V.”

Thank you for your kind comment, Will.  It is much appreciated.  I had hoped my readers would enjoy the story.

Our first question this week comes from Todd Martin of Huntington, Indiana.  Todd, like many others has trouble properly placing hats on top of heads and has sent in two photos as an example.

“Hi Bob,

Thanks for your previous critiques, and for the blog in general!

I have another carving for critique as well as a related question:

I typically avoid putting hats on my carvings because they never turn out quite right, so I decided to practice. This is my most recent attempt, and I’d appreciate any critique / advice.

For the question, perhaps in an upcoming issue you could discuss setting up hats (especially baseball hats and / or cowboy hats). For me, it seems to be an issue of proportion. I try to situate the head in the hat, but the hat usually ends up too small.

Thank you!


Baseball player bust carved by Todd Martin – Front view
Baseball player bust carved by Todd Martin – Side view

Thanks for your message, Todd!  It’s always good to hear from you and I appreciate the contribution of your photos.  Actually, the hat doesn’t look too bad but I can help you with a couple of things, and the topic of placing hats on heads is excellent.  Many carvers struggle with that.

I have discussed the subject in the past but I think it’s worth repeating, so perhaps next week I’ll revisit it.

The problem that most carvers have is that they either carve the hat too small for the head or don’t carve it low enough down onto the head. 

When placing a hat on a head, regardless of what type of hat it is, it is import ant to make sure the head fits inside the crown of the head.  The way to insure this is being done is to carve the hat so that it comes down to the top (or slightly lower) of the ears.

The front of the hat is pulled down over the forehead (Fig. 1).  The side view (Fig. 2) shows how the hat is seated slightly below the top of the ear.  Also notice that the crown of a baseball cap wraps all the way around the front of the hat and ends almost at the ear on both sides.  The back view shows that the hat is pulled down to a point approximately half way down the ears (Fig. 3).

Fig. 1 – Bottle Stopper carved by Bob Kozakiewicz – Front view

Fig. 2 – Bottle Stopper carved by Bob Kozakiewicz – Side view

Fig. 3 – Bottle Stopper carved by Bob Kozakiewicz – Back view

Notice the same principles hold true when placing a cowboy hat.  The head fits within the crown of the hat and the hat is pulled down over the forehead and down to the ears (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 – Bottle Stopper carved by Bob Kozakiewicz – Front view

Keep these guidelines in mind whenever you’re carving a hat and you should see a big improvement in the appearance of your carvings.

Carver’s Corner

“Carver’s Corner” is the section where you can send in photos of your carvings to have them critiqued by me and get my truthful opinions on what you did right and where you might improve next time.  It’s an excellent opportunity to improve your carving skills!  Send your photos to carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com.

This week in the “Carver’s Corner” we have a terrific carving of a Marine soldier carved by Rex Reitmayer.  Rex has asked for some of my thoughts on it.

Please critique.  Hopelessly Addicted to Wood Carving

Thank you,

Rex Reitmayer

Marine soldier carved by Rex Reitmayer – Front view

Marine soldier carved by Rex Reitmayer – Back view

Marine soldier carved by Rex Reitmayer – Left quarter view

Marine soldier carved by Rex Reitmayer – Right quarter view

Excellent job, Rex!  I really like this one.  You’ve added a high level of detail, and the paintjob and color choices appear to be quite accurate.  As I tell most carvers, go lighter with your coats of paint.  Thin your paints more with water and add several coats to build up the color.  So many carvers are guilty of this, including myself sometimes.  I feel that the eyes are too bright and have a scared appearance.  I never use pure white on my eyes.  Always use some kind of an off white to tone down the color of the eyeballs.  To get rid of the scared look, paint the pupils larger.  I think you can still do that and you will see a big difference.

Lastly, there is one piece of detail which many carvers fail to observe that you have inaccurate, and that is the way the shirt closes over his chest.  You have the right side of the shirt overlapping the left side, as in a woman’s shirt.  A man’s shirt has the left side overlapping the right side.  A minor detail which almost no one will notice, but something to keep in mind for accuracy in the future.

Overall, a very fine carving.  Nice work.

Our next entry for the “Carvers’ Corner” this week comes from Wayne Arrowsmith with photos of some magnificent Santas he would like me to critique.  Wayne says:

"This pattern was in a WCI issue about 10 years ago. A few adaptations were made with the hat and painting."
Santa carvings by Wayne Arrowsmith – Front view
Santa carvings by Wayne Arrowsmith – Top left view
I looked carefully at your carvings, Wayne, and hope I don't disappoint you here, but I can't really give them much of a critique because they are so well done.  I don't see anything particularly wrong with them.  The carving is excellent, and I like the way you changed the hats to make each one different.  The painting is also exemplary, especially in the way you embellished the carvings with unique designs.  Your color choices are excellent to.  Normally, I tell most carvers to go lighter on the paint but not so in this case.  I like the deep dark colors, and personally, I tend to go heavier with the paint on my Christmas carvings.  I just feel that they look brighter and more cheerful that way.

Although they look perfectly fine, I might have tried to add more “body” to the beards and mustaches by using more “S” and “C” type cuts, but that’s about it.  Overall the carvings look happy and jolly, the way Santas should look.  Great work!  I hope to see more of your carvings in the future.

Photo Shop

“Photo Shop” is the section of Wood Chip Chatter where carvers can send in photos of their wood carvings for display. It’s your chance to show off your work…sort of a show and tell. The photos will only be displayed and no comments or critiques will be made.  For critiques on your carvings send them in to the “Carver’s Corner.”  Send your photos to carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com. 

My good friend Tony Harris of Tennessee sent me some photos of two Santas he carved from Phil Bishop roughouts:

Santa carved by Tony Harris
Santa carved by Tony Harris

Magnificent work as always, Tony! 

Dianne Walker also sent in some photos of the carvings she has done lately:

“Angry Bird” carved by Dianne Walker
Tall Gnome carved by Dianne Walker

Great carvings, Dianne!  I really like your “Angry Bird”, and the bird on top of the Gnome’s hat is a cute touch!

Thank you so much, Tony and Dianne, for sharing your photos with everyone.  I really appreciate your contributions!

News & Announcements

The International Association of Woodcarvers has upcoming Zoom meetings on the following Saturdays at 3PM EST with special guest presenters.  Check them out…

Zoom:  3104603575


2/12 – Tom Wilkinson

2/19 – Kevin Applegate

2/26 – Dave Francis

3/5 – Rich Schneider

3/12 – Roger Beane

4/9 – Ray Meyer

4/16 – Steve Tomashek

4/23 – Joe You

4/30 – Chris Hammack

5/7 – Brett Andrews



Woodcarving Academy

Established in 2020, the Woodcarving Academy offers dozens of videos created by some of the country’s top level instructors.  More videos are added regularly as they are created by the instructors.

With a paid subscription to the Woodcarving Academy you can view any videos you like for as many times as you like.

Subscription rates:  Monthly = $19.95   Quarterly = $49.95   Annual = $139.95

There is even a Free level which allows you to tour the website and watch the sample videos and content, and receive email updates as new content becomes available.

Check out the Woodcarving Academy and learn with the masters right in the comfort of your own home!


I’m sure you all have some terrific carvings to share in my “Photo Shop” section.  Photos of your carvings help to liven up the blog’s appearance and make it more interesting.  Also, my “Carver’s Corner” is a great way to get constructive critiques on your carvings so you can learn where to improve on your next ones.  When sending in photos please specify whether you want them for display in “Photo Shop” or if you want me to critique them in the “Carver’s Corner.”  Send your photos in to carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com.


Send in your questions and comments so we can keep Wood Chip Chatter active and keep the conversations going!  Effective discussions are one of the best ways to learn about the topics that interest you.  Remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question.  Plus we would all love to learn about the unique tips, techniques and products YOU use in your woodcarving process.  Send your questions and comments to carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com.  Thanks!

Keep a sharp edge and keep on carvin’!

The Funny Bone

An old Scottish woman went to the local newspaper office to publish the obituary for her recently deceased husband.

The obit editor informed her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word.

She paused, reflected, and then said, “Well then, let it read, “Angus MacPherson died.”

Amused at the woman’s thrift, the editor told her that there is a seven word minimum for all obituaries.

She thought it over and in a few seconds said, “In that case, let it read…

“Angus MacPherson died. Golf clubs for sale.”

Published by carverbobk

I’m a self taught award winning wood carver who has been carving since I was a teenager. I enjoy instructing other carvers, especially beginners.

8 thoughts on ““2022 Woodcarving Shows & Events”

  1. The Nature Coast Carving Club of Citrus Co. will have a show & sales May 7th at 6298 E Gospel Island Road Inverness Florida 34450. Admission is $2. Open at 9am -3pm This will be our first event in two years. Email Naturecoastwcc@gmail.com

    Gene Short



  2. Hi Bob,  For some reason I’m unable to reply to your Wood Chip Chatter Blog. I’ll try and find the problem and fix it but I do have a question you may be able to help with.   I stumbled onto a YouTube video named “ Caricature Heads Day 1 and has a follow up named Caricature Heads Day 2. The instructors name is Bryan Middleton and was from Canada. He has passed away since these videos were made. My question is, do you happen to know of these videos and where a copy of the instructional hand out he used when he did the classes he taught ? His methods are so simple and informative. Even my old tired brain understands what he is teaching. I’d love to get my hands on one of his handouts.   Thanks for reading my request,  Jim Shay. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


    1. Hi Jim,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble replying to my blog. I’ve been having some technical difficulties with it. If you don’t mind me asking, how are you trying to reply. Are you using carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com? I don’t want my readers to have problems with Wood Chip Chatter so if I know what problems they’re having I can try to fix them.

      I have never heard of Bryan Middleton and have not seen his videos, although they sound very good. If they are videos he made it is unlikely he would have any notes or handouts to go along with them. Do you know for sure if there actually were any handouts? I will do some checking and see if I can find out anything and let you know.

      I hope you are enjoying Wood Chip Chatter and would love to see some of your carvings to post in the blog!

      Best regards, and Keep on Carvin’!

      Bob K.

      On Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 10:49 AM Wood Chip Chatter wrote:



      1. Hi again Bob.
        As soon as I get a few minutes I’ll try and figure out my problem replying to your Blog. I’m sure it’s my end that’s the reason. I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree with these things. Try looking for “ Oshawa Senior Citizens Caricature Carving Class. Caricature Heads Day 1”.


      2. Hi Jim,
        That’s just what I did. Bryan Middleton must have been a member of the Oshawa Senior Citizens club. Perhaps he taught lessons to the group and obviously made a few videos during that time…around 2016. Apparently he had heart trouble and must’ve passed away from that.
        I suggest looking up the Oshaw Senior Citizens and see if you can find anything out that way.


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