Wood Properties of White Pine

White Pine is one of the wood species requested for a Wood Properties list, so today’s blog begins with the list of the Wood Properties of White Pine.

Wood Properties of White Pine




Dean Stewart wrote in to comment on the topic of strops from my last blog:

Thanks for the tip on the smooth strop. I’ll try that and see how it works. To answer your question the strop is the only Beavercraft item I have. The quality is first rate. Its made of hardwood with leather on both sides and the leather is right up to the edges. Your entire blade can fit on the strop.”

BeaverCraft Strop & Green Compound

Thanks for the input on the BeaverCraft strop, Dean!  From your photo it looks like an excellent, well made strop so I can see why you’re pleased with it.  As I had mentioned, I don’t know anything about BeaverCraft but from what I’ve heard everyone who has bought their products has been more than happy with them.  Did you buy the strop directly from BeaverCraft or from a supplier who carries their products?  Has anyone else had any experience with BeaverCraft?

Our next comment comes from my good friend Wayne Smith from Nova Scotia is response to my comments about the use of BLO on our wood carvings.  Wayne writes:

 “Hi Bob,…. I’ll add my .02 cents worth on the BLO discussion. I used to use a mix of blo and burnt umber, but for several reasons ,…convenience being #1 I switched to a Danish Oil based product that I get from Lee Valley Tools that they sell listed as “Tried &True “. Sure it’s a bit more pricy than blo, but heck, it’s not like I’m using gallons of it, and it gives a great finish IMO”

It’s true, Danish oil (and walnut oil) are a bit more expensive than commercial grade BLO but for my money they’re well worth it for the benefits you get from them.  I too like the finish results I get and I must say the finish on your carvings always looks great as well.


In my last blog Dennis Hess sent in some photos of the beautiful Comfort Birds he’s been carving from a product called ‘Spectraply’.  I never heard of ‘Spectraply’ so I did some research on it.  The response to my query comes from Rockler who sells ‘Spectaply’ as bottle stopper and pen blanks for wood turners.  Here is Rockler’s response:

“Spectraply is made from veneered layers of premium yellow birch that have been brightly dyed,  The veneers are dyed under extreme pressure for full penetration of the dye throughout the wood. After drying to 5% moisture content, they are then laminated in a radio frequency press for an unfailing bond.”

This is an educated guess on my part but I believe ‘Spectraply’ is the same material Helvie uses to make their beautiful multicolored knife handles.

Let the chips fly!  Tell your wood carving friends and spread the word about Wood Chip Chatter, and don’t forget to click the ‘Comment’ button at the bottom of the page to send in your questions and comments so we can keep Wood Chip Chatter active and keep the conversations going! 

And remember, we need your photos!  I’m sure you all have some terrific carvings to share and photos of your carvings will help to liven up the blog’s appearance and make it more interesting.  Perhaps we can start a carvers photo section!  Email your photos to carverbobk@woodchipchatter.com

Keep a sharp edge and keep on carvin’!

I’ve got a new job with 500 people under me.  I cut the grass at the cemetery.

Published by carverbobk

I’m a self taught award winning wood carver who has been carving since I was a teenager. I enjoy instructing other carvers, especially beginners.

One thought on “Wood Properties of White Pine

  1. Enjoying your blog. I have been carving bowls and spoons for past 4-5 years. Started carving figures( mostly santa ornaments) over past year or so including some of your patterns seen in Woodcarving Illustrated. Related to your comments about using walnut oil as the base layer of your carvings I was wondering if you dilute it with mineral spirits or do you use it straight? Do you paint acrylic paint directly over this layer? I have been using minwax wood conditioner with good results as suggested by Doug Linker. Thanks again for your efforts.
    Jerry Stennett


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